The gift of giving…

I love to be sending out this prize package to these two winners as they help not only the winner for Thanksgiving but also another family who may need some extra help this time of the year.  The winners will keep one of the gift cards and will then pass one of the gift cards on to a needy family.  Why not “anonymously” pass it on?  How fun to let the recipient just “find” it or receive it in the mail with a “surprise” note for the holidays!  At any rate, it will be a treat to have a little help.

Thanks for all the posts – I loved reading all the comments.  And now…

The two winners that chose… and I have the pictures just not posting them here if any one wants me to post them…

Winner # one – #14 – Tiny Lemmond

Winner # two – #10 – Brooke M

Congratulations winners and enjoy sharing the extra card!  I will get these in the mail today to you both!  Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!


2 responses

  1. I can’t believe this, but am grateful. My SS class has adopted a family for Christms & I will give both of them to that family. It will be very helpful to them. You are doing a good thing. Love you.

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