Three Little Birds

“Dont worry about a thing

Cause every little thing gonna be alright,” sings Bob Marley in his “Three Little Birds” Song – which helped to inspire the pillow below – along with a picture on Pinterest, of course and the fact that I could never find where to get one, and the fact that “hey, I can make one of those” ideas, and the fact that I found my felted wool in the most quaint quilt shop in downtown historic Colorado Springs, Colorado and here’s what I turned out:


So retro and cute, if I must say so myself!   I wanted to put the little tweeters on an off-white throw pillow but it’s hard to find an off-white pillow that has a zipper in order to take the pillow insert out in order to be able to embroider the feathers on to the little birds or that doesn’t have a lot of “fluff” already on the pillow!   So this one will do!

And if you can see the top row of the squares at the top of the quilt frame (the square with the pink in the top center)  there is just one more row peeking over the top roller –


two more rows of 12 inch squares and this one comes off! I am almost done with the center section – a big section to say the least – the center square was 36 inches of bordered squares and the side of this monster had 6 -12 inch squares on each side.  I finishing up the very top of the center portion and the outside 12 inch squares and rolling it down to the next to the last row.  I haven’t been working on it that long – it went on June 8th – quilted June and most of July – about an hour or two most days but not every day – none in August – traveled to NYC and then the rest of August and all of September out West/Northwest.  And back on it first part of October!

This will go on the frame next for our bed:


It is a wholecloth quilt – every line you see will be quilted in an ecru thread -(unless I decide to use a darker brown thread)  all you see  are the quilting design – I may double the batting to make it “puffier”. I can’t wait to get started on this one!  It will most likely be on the frame for a while!

And for Tailgating, look up my “Sugared Jalapenos” and make a jar and serve over some cream cheese!  And don’t forget “Bacon Wrapped Tots” – You won’t have any of these left if you serve these!

I hope your team wins this weekend!




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