Look who won!

I won’t the suspense drag on….

Random.org drew as first winner…


#5 – Betty – congrats Betty!



and the second winner of this beautiful cookbook is



#4 – Madalyn L!  Congrats Madalyn – I hope you both find many recipes in this book that will please both you and your families!  I will get these off to y’all next week!  Happy baking and hope your team wins if they are playing this weekend!


Go Trojans!

Go Hawks!

Go Tide!

Go Tigers!

Go Irish! (yes, I do, root for Notre Dame! What can I say, I like the movie, Rudy!)

And yes, for the kiddos that are Vols fans, I will even say Go Vols!  Now I shall go wash my mouth out with soap! teeheehee


One response

  1. Hey. Thank you so much for the cookbook. I love it and have already picked out a couple for the holidays. Jamie and Case (3 years old) have picked out just about every cake in the book. Hope y’all are all doing good. We have got to get together soon.


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