Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!   It seems it came quick this year or maybe its because I am now retired and home.  I am just as busy retired as I was working!  And that’s a good thing because it sure is a lot more fun doing the things I now do!

Have you pulled those pumpkin pie and pecan pie recipes out yet?   What about mom’s dressing recipe?  Will you be the one roasting the turkey or taking a side dish “over the river and through the woods?”  Or are you traveling this Thanksgiving holiday?

Whatever your plans, I pray for a safe, happy and family-filled Thanksgiving for each and every one of you!

And while we are feeding the whole family that includes all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and those twice removed, let’s not forget about those less fortunate and remember to donate a meal or get a bag of food to donate or even donate time to help feed those in need.  And if you think about it, drop off a bag of dog and/or cat food by your local humane shelter.


AND lest we forget our feathered friends!  We buy bird seed by the 100 lb bag!    See this bird feeder?   It can be yours to help keep your little flittery friends fed this winter!


The lid flips up to add bird seed and and the shield will slip out if needed for some easy clean up!


If you want a chance to win this hand made bird feeder leave a comment below and let us know what you will be doing your Thanksgiving holiday!


A winner will be selected Friday and posted and birdhouse will be sent out next week!   I pray that all will have a safe and happy Thanksgiving for all of you and for your family and friends!



11 responses

  1. I will be packing up my house! Put it on the market a week ago – got an offer last night. After negotiations today I may have sold it. Regardless, I need to start packing! I will be sure to throw a turkey in the oven and a pan of dressing will be made and what would Thanksgiving be without dumplings and green salad ?!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  2. Will be spending Thanksgiving with my children and grandchildren and making my usual, dressing, deviled eggs, and pear salad, to go along with what everyone else brings. Requests from my children. I hope everyone has a safe; but fun Thanksgiving.

  3. Thanksgiving at my house and we never know how many or who. Some bring friends and/or boyfriends and whoever doesn’t have plans for the day. We love it and it always works out good. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family. Enjoy the day.

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