Repost of quilt winners

for those who won a quilt kit, don’t forget to let me know how to get your kit to you! Since I won’t be mailing these to y’all until next week you have plenty of time to let me know- if I don’t hear from you by next Monday I will pick someone else- as I said before I am cleaning out! Yippee!



Cassie Appleton

susan Lambert

Matt Strange


please contact me at with instructions!

I have heard from Elian, thanks Elian! I have emailed you the info!

have a “soggy in the south” kind of week!☂️☔️


Here comes your quilt kits!

Man what a rain!  And what a morning with sirens, Tornado watches, warnings, and more rains.  I pray everyone down here in the South made it through the weather just fine and no one had to “swim” away from home!

I have the names for the quilt kits – if you forget which ones you get, just go back to the post and see – I have given them out in the order they are posted and labeled.  If you were interested in more than one, your name went under all the kits you commented about so you would have had a chance for any you mentioned!

Quilt lkit #1- Margaret

Quilt kit # 2- Cassie

Quilt kit # 3- Elzaan

Quilt kit  #4-Susan Lambert

Quilt kit #5 – Matt Strange

Quilt Kit #6 – Cindy


I will try and email everyone so they know they have won and to get an address for you.  Don’t forget I will be out of pocket next week so it will be Jan. 30th before I get these in the mail to each of you!


Thanks again.  And thanks again Karen for letting me mention it on your quilting blog!


More Quilt Kits

In my continuous cleaning, I came across these two “block of the month” kits.  If our local quilt shop had a block of the month quilt kit going on, my co-worker and I were all over it.  Even if we didn’t make it right away, we got the block and “put it up” for a later make.  Well….you see I didn’t get to these.

Both of these are the same pattern, just different color palates.   These blocks would be so pretty with some strip piecing, a pretty border, and some binding and you have a very nice quilt!

The blocks are not too hard, some very simple, but all seem to go well together.  Each month contains the fabric for that block, plus the instructions for that block.   You will need your thread, and any any other embellishments, such as any fabric for strip piecing if you choose to do that, or any border fabric, backing, and batting.  These are just the 12 blocks and pattern and fabric for that month.

Blocks included:  Ohio Star, Old Maid’s Puzzle, Clay’s Choice, Martha Washington’s Star, Amish Star, Indian Puzzle, Free Trade, Air Castle, Churn Dash, All Hallows, Carrie Nation, and Aunt Dinah.

So including the four kits from yesterday’s post, and these two, this will be Quilt kit five and Quilt Kit six:  Post if you are interested in either and I will include with yesterday’s post.  If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, you can comment on either post which of the six kits or multiple ones you are interested in. Thanks for stopping by!

Quilt Kit Five  Block of the Month:


Quilt Kit Six Block of the month: (different color scheme):


All About Quilts

If you are looking for a recipe, look another day.  Since I only have one blog, i will use this for recipes, travel, and my quilting treasures.

Today, I am hoping to reach some quilters, as I have been cleaning out some of my quilting stuff, and I use that term loosely.  We quilters seem to “stash” our stash and keep on stashing! I know I did when I was working so I would have plenty to work on when I retired.  And boys howdy, do I ever!  I have four plastic boxes, or totes, with “WIP’s” going or fixing to get started.  That’s nothing new for us quilters.  We never, NEVER, have just one project going.

I have one on the quilting frame, two in the process of being hand quilted, one that is being hand pieced (no hurry on this as it goes traveling with us) and a top that needs to be pin based for machine quilting.  And that is how us quilters roll!  Never a dull moment. It was such a nice day yesterday I sat on the patio and quilted –


But I did need to get some stuff I knew I would never get to, or have lost interest in completing, off the shelves and see if someone had an interest in, and if not, that’s ok, too. I have a wonderful animal shelter they can be donated to if no one shows interest.

I also have quilt books I need to go through – that’s next.  And I have some fabric I know I won’t use that I need to get out of the quilt closet.  That’s next.

So here goes….If you are interested in any of these, just leave a comment and say which one (i.e., quilt one, quilt two, etc.) you like or would like.  If there are a couple that caught your eye, you can list that.  I plan on making a list and putting the names under the quilt and picking a name from that list for each quilt package. Easiest way to do it so be sure and list if you have an interest in more than one.

QUILT ONE: Finished size I think it said 38×45- includes backing in package – a Christmas design – comes with a panel – can keep whole as panel, has a piece that can be used as border – real cute – and fabric for corner stars – all you need is thread and batting.

QUILT TWO – 62×84 – has all fabric to make the log cabin aanels and cabin borders – includes the fabric panels for center log cabins and large blocks  – and for the borders – I don’t think this has the backing included – I don’t remember that it did.

QUILT THREE – 20×26 – a wall hanging or a cute table top – again a Christmas theme –


QUILT FOUR – 48×64 – this is a raggedy log cabin – you only need your batting and thread on this one since it self backs – great colors – and no binding!

So if you are interested, just leave a comment and say which ones you are interested in – I will pick recipients Saturday, January 21st but won’t get these in the mail until Monday January 30th.  That will give me plenty of time to get addresses and get everything to the post office!


Thanks everyone! And Thanks Karen for the shoutout!