Here comes your quilt kits!

Man what a rain!  And what a morning with sirens, Tornado watches, warnings, and more rains.  I pray everyone down here in the South made it through the weather just fine and no one had to “swim” away from home!

I have the names for the quilt kits – if you forget which ones you get, just go back to the post and see – I have given them out in the order they are posted and labeled.  If you were interested in more than one, your name went under all the kits you commented about so you would have had a chance for any you mentioned!

Quilt lkit #1- Margaret

Quilt kit # 2- Cassie

Quilt kit # 3- Elzaan

Quilt kit  #4-Susan Lambert

Quilt kit #5 – Matt Strange

Quilt Kit #6 – Cindy


I will try and email everyone so they know they have won and to get an address for you.  Don’t forget I will be out of pocket next week so it will be Jan. 30th before I get these in the mail to each of you!


Thanks again.  And thanks again Karen for letting me mention it on your quilting blog!



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