Father’s Day is coming…….

And you know what that means…….we need to give something away that is appropriate for fathers, sons, brothers, anyone of the male species who likes to cook on the grill.  And I don’t know about you, but my man is the griller at our house (although I do a lot of the seasoning of the grilling meats/vegetables).  

Someone will win both of these for their favorite somebody and comes from my favorite store, Sur La Table:

First this great Kabob Griller (or whatever you would like to name yours)


We like to make kabobs at our house, so much so that when we all get together we have to join forces, or shall I say our skewers, and start skewing!  What I like about this particular set of skewers, is that it is a great set-up for a family, or just two.  You can load all of them with your favorite meats, they are up off the grill and won’t get “stuck” as they sometimes do, even when you pre-oil the grates prior to grilling depending on the seasoning on the meat, and the cuts of meat (Conecuh sausage never gets stuck, though) but will still have that “outdoors grilled” flavor.  And it looks easy to turn the skewers.  

Second I am throwing in this veggie grilling basket (also great for cooking shrimp on the grill)


And while your kabobs are grilling, slice up some veggies, you know, onions, bell peppers, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, whatever combination your imagination can conjure up, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, chop up some fresh rosemary and throw that in, and put in this pan, and grill away!  Nothing gets lost through the grates and it tastes fantastic!  Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs to cook with.  It is in my herb garden.  I walk out and pick it all the time.  

Want to be included in the drawing?   Leave me a comment below and tell me what your plans are this weekend.  Are you staying in and resting?  Do you have a big weekend planned?  Are you cooking a huge fiesta for the family?  You have until Monday, June 10th to reply.  Winner will be announced Monday, June 10th.  Good Luck and have a wonderful weekend!


13 responses

  1. Well I will be grillin’ My four year old requested that Friday nights menu consist of Lamb Chops and Greek salad with extra feta cheese. Miss Teri, you know how that girl loves her feta!! Saturday we will be having Mexican inspired flank steak tacos with homemade guacamole. Sunday we will have beer can chicken with grilled corn. On that note…..I need to get more charcoal!!!

    Jeff A

  2. Staying in town for the first weekend in several weeks… except for a trip to Tallassee where I’ll be dancing with the Dixieland Cloggers at the Tallassee BBQ cookoff!

  3. Since I have already won one of your great prizes I certainly don’t expect to win but just wanted to agree on Sur La Table….. Wonderful store.

  4. We will be going to a birthday party at the park for a two year old! Should be great fun… I hear Minnie Mouse may make an appearance. Then we’re going to start packing for our upcoming trip to visit “Dada” (who loves to grill kabobs by the way!) in Pennsylvania!

  5. Well, this weekend will be to prepare for next weekend…..My youngest daughter checks in to a hotel on Fathers day to leave for the US Coast Guard, and my 3rd daughter Summer Anne will be moving to her new digs as well….So, grilling with those cool kaboob and veggie tools would sure be simple and nice for the crew!

  6. Amanda has a bday party to go to Sat, then every Sunday I try to cook a big meal (on the grill of course ) and Sunday night starts VBS

  7. Weekend is filled with plans to do housework :-(…yard work, and this afternoon 2 of my sweet grandbabies coming to spend the night. I want to bake your easy 3 ingredient mini rolls for them, they will love those!! Church on Sunday & YES, I will get there with 2 babies & that’s not as easy as it used to be!!! Have a super great weekend!

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