Well Hello again

Man what a year it has been!  A wonderful year of working in the yard, training this boykin spaniel who is no longer a puppy but almost two! AND traveling! Oh the traveling!

We just got back from an almost 6 week trek across the mid west and up to Montana and South Dakota.  What a trip.  God certainly knew what He was doing when He created such beauty for our eyes to behold.

If you are still somewhat following (or not since I haven’t posted anything in a while) I understand!  I haven’t been around!  But if you are still out there, I appreciate you hanging in there and not removing your emails!   Hopefully I won’t leave for such a long period.

The blog may include snippits of trips, quilts I am working on, new recipes tried and true, and some recipes that you, the reader, may send in to share.

It’s football season and time to get grilling!   I will have a great rib rub to post in the next day or two for you to try.  Hubby used it this past weekend and loved it – he doesn’t even use the homemade bbq sauce with this dry rub!

And hopefully there will be some give-a-ways included -so stay tuned if you are so inclined – and if you are so inclined, this here lady will sure appreciate it!

Have a great week!


7 responses

  1. You’re back!!!! Christie keeps me posted on your comings and goings! I have changed my email to my personal and not the company since is am in my final quarter of working for a living!!! I won’t be able to travel like you and Bart because David won’t go farther than Park Avenue to the hardware store, up 231 to Farmers Feed and up the Interstate to watch the grandson play football in Pine Level!

  2. Hey Tella,

    Glad to have you back. Life is certainly full of enjoyment. I am glad that the two of you got to spend time doing what you enjoy.

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