Cooking with vanilla

i just got back from a vanilla run….literally.  We made our way down to Mexico to pick up some of the best vanilla for baking.  I brought some back. I had a list of folks to bring it back to.  If you were on that list I will be getting it to you soon as I have been under the weather since before, during, and after this little trip. Needless to say that cruise wasn’t the “fun ship” for me!  We did enjoy most of it, though.


I am am one of those bakers who does think that the brand of vanilla makes a world of difference in the flavor of the baked goods.  Therefore, I try and get the best I can find locally.   What are your opinions of vanilla for your baking? Us bakers would like to know!


also, I haven’t heard from CINDY of ELZAAN who won a quilt kit (Elzaan won Quilt Kit 3 and Cindy won (Quilt kit 6) – if I don’t hear from y’all by Friday I will select another person interested in those kits.


A new recipe coming soon, I promise! I just got to get to feeling better! Getting old isn’t for sissies!


4 responses

  1. I posted a reply on the post where I won, but thought maybe I should post here too. My mailing address is 6544 Water Tower Rd., Alma, IL 62807. Thank you for the great giveaway. I’m recovering from pneumonia and you’re right-getting old is not for sissies!

  2. I am in the vanilla you use makes a world of difference. More so in things that are not cooked such as whipped cream. Less noticeable difference in recipes that have lots of different flavorful ingredients such as a fruit cake.
    A custard needs an excellent vanilla
    So I’d say if it’s a simple “thing” you are making the quality of all the ingredients is very important don’t skimp on anything

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