Pear salad – not canned

When searching the aisles for canned “no sugar added” pear halves for pear salad it is impossible to find.  Oh, they have “no sugar added” but I have only found “sliced pears”. – try making pear salad with those!

i had been told how to make my own with fresh pears- now to find someone with a pear tree!!  I did purchase some from the store- the green kind that looked like they had been picked off the tree. Here’s how I made them:

1. Wash and peel the pears; core the center with a spoon or melon baller; make sure to cut stems out of ends!



2.  Place in simmering water – that has either sugar or Splenda or Stevia added, quantity will be to your taste- just barely enough water to cover pears – single layer- and let simmer anywhere from 5-15 minutes- less if you want yours a bit crispy and more if you want yours soft.


3.  Let cool and put in freezer (not covered) for about an hour to flash freeze. Then just put in freezer bag.  When wanting a pear salad just take out the number you need earlier in day and let thaw and whalah!

I did add a bit extra to my water-


i just had had to use it and it tell you when you open a bottle of Mexican vanilla whether for the first time or 10th time you can’t beat the fragrance. Man!

I’ll let you know how the vanilla worked in them. It sure smelled good!

i hope you have a great week!


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