Getting my shabby chic on

i have been looking for an old armoire or something similar to do a DIY project for a fold-up sewing table and finally found what I was looking for…and at a great price. Plus the purchase helps our local animal shelter! A win-win all around!


It is still in the making- we set the wood to get a “look” at the height and distance out and to decide do I want the corners a bit rounded, do I want to stain and then finish the table or just put a finish on it or paint it? So many decisions! HA!

And this is the season for my Lenten Roses to bloom. They are “putting on the dog” I am here to tell you!  I need to remember to gather the seeds, too!

AND the “allium gigantium” (look that pic up-a beautiful big Pom Pom of a flower) bulb I brought back from that great farmer’s market we found in South Bend, Indiana, during our travels is doing quite well here in the south!  i can’t wait to see it bloom. And I hope the bulb multiplies like it is supposed to.


Speaking of food, what is your favorite breakfast/brunch item to consume?  I am always looking for good early morning recipes!  I will be experiencing with a savory scone recipe so stand by! It’s coming!


2 responses

  1. I love that armoire. It reminds me of my grandmothers. I love eating my breakfast bowl in the mornings or for brunch. It has turkey link sausage, eggs, peppers and onions. This morning I threw in some cut up chicken. Sometimes I add salsa. I make enough for a few days, so I can eat it on the go.

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